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Sajan Nauriyal Releases New Single ‘Step In’

Sajan Nauriyal has released his new single “Step In.” Known for his work on ‘Way Up’ featuring Cass & produced by Chris Howland, as well as his debut album Always Enough, this release marks a new chapter in the musical life of Sajan Nauriyal. This song is infused with Sajan’s undeniable passion to create hip-hop music that is relevant to the culture yet is vertical and points to who God is through lyrics.

When asked about what this release means to him, Sajan shared “This last year has been a time of leaning into God’s goodness as I follow Him. It’s been a year full of paradoxes and ups and downs. It’s felt chaotic and peaceful, terrifying and secure. I’m really excited about my single ‘Step In’ because I feel like it characterizes this feeling overwhelming peace, or explosive joy. It came from a place of wanting to[…]



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