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NewSpring Worship Releases Powerful New Single

NewSpring Worship is the Worship Ministry of NewSpring Church, a church located in South Carolina with multiple campuses throughout the state. Their powerful new single, “Your Freedom,” is releasing today along with the live video recorded at their main campus.

“In 2017, our church began talking about four promises God makes to His people,” explained worship leader, Adam Kersh. “In Exodus 66-8, God promises to save us, free us, and give us purpose, all of which leads to a life that’s overflowing. We knew we couldn’t just talk about these promises. We had to sing them. Freedom is for every person. It’s for our church. It’s for your church. God is making good on His promise to bring His sons back to their Father and make His daughters whole. Families are being fully restored.”

The new single was[…]



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