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Matthew Parker Begins Pre-Orders for New Album ‘Daydreamer’

Matthew Parker’s Daydreamer will be releasing on October 26th, following up his highly successful album Adventure. Pre-orders begin today on iTunes, Amazon, and Apple Music, featuring the immediate release of his song “Good Memories” and new radio single “Breathe.”

“Making my new album ‘Daydreamer’ was a new adventure for me in many ways. Lyrically, I ventured into new territory. I felt it was time to write about many of the things I felt, things that I was always too afraid to write about because they were too emotional, too painful–sometimes you just don’t want to talk….or sing…about those things. But it turns out everybody feels deeply, and people really connect when you put yourself out there in this way. Honest and real. That’s how I would describe some of the lyrics on my new album. I was at a time in my life when I[…]



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