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Marc Martel Premieres New Song With Kevin Max

For the past seven years, Marc Martel has gradually immersed himself in the music of Queen and has developed a sort of stepchild-esque kinship with it as a result. Tomorrow, on Friday, October 26, Marc releases a new EP of Queen covers titled Thunderbolt & Lightning that reinterprets what many consider flawless songs.

“Reimagining well-loved songs always comes with an appropriate sense of risk, danger, and terrifying moments of self-doubt,” explains Martel. “When it comes to artists like Queen, though, who are veritable giants of recording history, that feeling is magnified. Throughout their career, they apparently set out to avoid all shortcuts; were never happy to merely repeat sections of songs (as is quite customary in all genres of popular music), and everything was through-composed. They habitually pushed the boundaries of available technology beyond what even its inventors envisioned.”

One of Martel’s covers is the track,[…]



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