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Hip-Hop Artist Make Album that Offends No One

New Christian hip-hop artist Charlezin Charjj made history today when it was confirmed that his debut record, Songs About God, became the first CHH project to offend absolutely no one.

“I can’t believe it,” Charlezin said after receiving the official “No Offense None Taken” designation from the Gospel Music Association. “I didn’t even know it was possible not to offend people anymore.”

The album that came closest to this designation was KJ-52’s 2002 release, Collaborations, but fell short due to a mother in suburban Phoenix complaining to her local radio station that “the kid sounds like that Eminem guy.”

When asked how he was able to attain the perfect rating, Charlezin Charjj said that while he believes it was a miraculous perfect storm, he thinks having five lyrics per song, acoustic guitar backing tracks, eight-minute saxophone solos, spoken word directly from Psalm 23, and[…]



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