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Hillsong Worship’s New Album ‘There Is More’ Out Now

Today, the influential worship band behind the fastest-growing single in church history (“What A Beautiful Name”), Hillsong Worship, released their new full length album titled There Is More, a 12-track passion-filled project including a new version of UNITED’s “So Will I (100 Billion X).” Continuing to track an estimated 50 million people singing their catalogue of songs worldwide each week, Hillsong Worship is currently on the There Is More Tour with Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, Brian Houston.

The album features brand new, original music from Hillsong Worship, including lead track “Who You Say I Am” (recently released in 13 languages and already in the Top 50 at Planning Center and no. 1 at Multitracks, with over 7.4 million views on YouTube), a live-in-concert version of “So Will I (100 Billion X)” led by Taya Smith, and signature ballads like “New Wine.” The[…]



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