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Cristabelle Braden Releases New Single, Video for ‘Melody’

Pop singer/songwriter Cristabelle Braden has released her new single “Melody,” along with the song’s music video. The song is the second single from Cristabelle’s upcoming album, Start With Hello, coming November 9. Preorders for the album are available now on cristabellebraden.com.

As a survivor of traumatic brain injury, Cristabelle Braden has had to learn to navigate a world that’s full of uncertainty; she has come from re-learning daily life tasks in brain injury rehabilitation to setting her feet firmly on the ground as a songwriter and artist with a message of hope. Through it all, her faith has served as her anchor and inspiration.

“Melody” is a power ballad, standout worship track from Cristabelle’s upcoming album. A compelling metaphor of music highlights the contrast between the discord of a broken world and the sweet melody of the love of God. As the song grows and builds[…]



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