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CHH Label Adds Pair of Artists

During the week of May 7, two artists joined the expanding roster of the Christian Hip-Hop label NFTRY. Their current roster includes Eshon Burgundy, Jeremiah Bligen, C.H.R.I.S., Church B., IV Conerly, J. Johnson, Neek Smif and Reflect.

THRE, formally known as Brother 3, has a goal to introduce the world to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to exhibit a life transformed by it, according to NFTRY.’s official website. As sort of an introduction with NFTRY., THRE released a new single titled “I Know A Man” featuring Evan Ford and produced by Dee Black. Although he has been putting out music for the past four years, the single has a fresh feel and vibe to enjoy.

Tone Spain says he uses his music to labor in his community, spreading the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who, like himself at one point, may not know[…]



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