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KXOJ2 Apps

There are several ways to listen to KXOJ2 on the go. Stream us on your computer right now by clicking here. If you want to listen on your phone or tablet, just use one of the following apps:

The KXOJ iPhone app is our own custom app. It will let you choose between KXOJ or KXOJ2 as well as show you the current song title, album art, song history, concert listings and it features the shout-out button so you can record you voice and send a shout-out right to our studio.

An Android version of the above app is coming soon.

There is also a KXOJ2 app for Android made by Nobex, a third-party company. This basic app will let you listen to the station and use the alarm feature only. You can download it here.

Coming soon, KXOJ2 will be added to the TuneIn app for iPhone and Android as well.

Every phone is configured a little differently and providers vary, so if one app does not work on your device, try another one.

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